• Update Neuigkeiten

    Heroes, Patch 1.4.2 has arrived, bringing with it spooky updates to the beloved Red Moon Inn, as well as two Seasonal Trinkets only av...
    27. October 2016, 16:26
    - Fixed a bug with Phantom Assassin's Manifold Paradox Coup de Grace effects during bot matches. - Fixed the styling of the "Automatically choose cursor size" option.
    26. October 2016, 23:20
    - Fixed a bug with rewinding while spectating live games.
    26. October 2016, 2:38
    - Fixed Shadow Demon being able to Demonic Purge dead units. - Fixed Undying being able to Soul Rip dead Tombstones. - Added an option to hide the overhead status display. - The overhead status display is now 10% smaller. - Fixed a bug where the overhead s...
    25. October 2016, 4:00
    - Added incoming and outgoing damage numbers for the local player. - Added an overhead status indicator to hero health bars. - Removed the HUD stun display.
    22. October 2016, 2:37